Emma Louise – Jungle

After The Worst Music Video of 2011 and possibly all time, it is necessary to have a good music ear bleach to remove the appalling stain.

This is Emma Louise from Australia, who has this ripper of a song, and a few other song from an EP floating around the internet. She hails from Brisbane currently, and will be kind of a big deal in the next few years.

Watch, enjoy, download, repeat.

Download this track (free) and check out her profile at Triple J Unearthed.



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vs Head vs Heart Price: $3.14 - $6.95
Full Hearts & Empty Rooms Price: $3.96 - $13.19
Jungle Price: $0.99
Jungle Price: $0.99
My Head Is a Jungle Price: $7.37 - $12.29
My Head Is a Jungle (Area10 MK Remix Radio Edit) Price: $1.29
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