Addictions Video

This video is apparently about addictions – specifically to technoglogy. Couldn’t relate personally. It’s well worth a watch, particularly as the entire concept (sound and video) were created at the same time. Impressive.

At one point there is a neon sign in the background with the phrase ‘MSG’ on it. So artsy.

Years ago the idea behind technology was to give people more free time from work and give us a better life. So nowadays, with the possibility for the majority of people to have access to electronics and hi tech, is it true that we have more spare time and a better quality of life? Or have we become addicted to the technology that surrounds us everyday and it has suck us into it? But humans get addicted really easily to a lot of things in life and this video is also a metaphor about addictions in general, about being manipulated without even realizing it or without reacting.

This video is hiding on the front page of Vimeo.

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