FROTH TELEVISION is the future of the internet. Ha Jks, FROTH TELEVISION is a typical blog, not outstanding in any particular way. It is a public bookshelf for the things the awesome things the editor finds online.

You can tell that FROTH TELEVISION is different, just look at the name! ALL CAPITALS? How incredibly artsy! Not to mention the hipstery header images. JFK? Oh my!

With more than 9 billion persons using the internet at all times, and many billions more accessing the popular darknet – it can be easy to lose awesome images, videos and words in the clutter. This is particularly annoying when under the influence of sleep deprivation or assorted narcotics, and attempting to find some old content.

We are different from our competitors because we often talk about ourselves in third person. Or, refer to a job performed by one person as ‘we’. How artsy!

If you are not looking for anything in particular, the best way to browse froth.tv is probably to start at the latest post, and just step backwards through time. There is no coherency to the content, so be ready for some tasty ‘THE FUCK IS THIS?’ moments. Another great way to browse this website, is check out all the content on before I blatantly purloin it for my memory catalogue. Ha.

The best way to navigate is probably by searching for tags that may pertain to what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I have the mind of a crack addict due to crack (aforementioned sleep deprivation), so unless you are similarly deranged – the tags you search for will not reward you. Sorry.

freaking what? a whale. cool.

It is likely that this site will stall after a week or so, and become a depressing link graveyard. That would be less than ideal. If not, be impressed at how this website survives without adverts! It does this using dirty student money and foregone meals. Terrible idea really. (If the site DOES have adverts as you read this, then I probably needed food stuffs, please click on them so I may eat.)

Whoa. If you read this, say hola on twitter! @FROTHTELEVISION Or email, if you are from like, the past.

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