Jul 14

This Fat Guy Dancing at the Basketball Will Make Your Day!

The jiggly fat man is back, and check out this awesome video! This heartwarming basketball fan dancing video will definitely make your day. Jiggly man is back! Jigglier than ever.

Jul 4

Slow-Mo Video From Inside DSLR Camera

You probably won’t see anything as mesmerizing as this SLOW MO look inside a digital SLR camera at 10,000 FPS from the slow mo guys.

This video is of a digital camera the Canon 7D (very good camera) and shows how quickly it takes a photograph – look how quick the shutter is!

If this doesn’t tickle your fancy then check outa video that ANYONE can enjoy not just tech heads. Slow motion video showing airbags from a car going off

And and the guy in the video is Gavin from Rooster Teeth – who apparently isn’t always as insane and dim witted as he is made out to be in Rooster Teeth videos! Turns out he is very clever – you’ll learn alot in the 7 minute camera video!

Jun 27

Brutal Final Scene With Tony Jaa

Check out this brutal final scene from Ong Bak – a trip down memory lane showing the crazy fighting skills of Tony Jaa.

Not quite as artful at the crazy Tony Jaa onsie shot which is definitely worth a watch!

Jun 20

Watch Tony Jaa Practice His Skills

Ever wonder how the Protector himself practices? Well check out this aweosme video tony posted showing some of his training for his amazing work in films like the Protector.

Tony Jaa smashing it as always! Keep training for those crazy fight scenes

Jun 13

Watch This Guy Turn Noob To Pro In 365 Days

Watch this guy turn from an absolute noob table tennis player to a professional level player in one year! Sounds ridiculous but that is exactly what Sam Priestley is doing – you can see his immense progress in the video here.

They say you can become an expert by working at anything for 10,000 hours. There are only 8760 hours in a year – so this guy must be gun if he manages to become an expert in that amount of time!

Jun 6

Can You Tell Which Song This Guy Plays on Old Nokia Phone Keys?

Can you tell which song this guy is playing on two old Nokia phones? He plays a super famous pop classic on old school Nokia phones and it is instantly recognizable! Can you tell which song?

Mobile phones are an unorthodox instrument but it is not the first time someone has played a classic hit on weird digital instruments. This same guy plays What Is Love here on… floppy disk drives! (Remember them!>?)


May 29

The Complete Story of Severus Snape

The story of Professor Snape is slowly revealed over the course of the eight Harry Potter movies. We find out much about his past and what makes him act the way he does towards Harry Potter, and Hermione and the Ginger Ron.

YouTube user and Harry Potter fan kcawesome13 has cut together all of the footage detailing Snape’s history in chronological order. The result? Well.. it’s amazing and shows the complete story of one Severus Snape. Check it out

May 22

2015 Bad Lip reading NFL

Bad Lip reading is a hilarious YouTube channel that has been around for years. They got started with a great NFL lip dub and the latest one is just as great!